February 01, 2011

Keep Mubarak! Tel Aviv insists!

Israel is getting more panic stricken over the likely fall of the Mubarak regime in Egypt. Apparently Netanyahu has told his ministers not to mention the situation in Egypt one way or another but the instruction seems not to have been passed down to deputy ministers. Here's The Indian Express:
Amid efforts by the Israeli government to consciously refrain from siding with embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the US administration has been flayed here for "turning its back" on one of its most trusted allies in the Middle East and "throwing him to the dogs".

Israel's Deputy Minister for Galilee and Negev Development, Ayoub Kara, told visiting former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, a likely Republican US presidential candidate, that US President Barack Obama needed to understand that "supporting the masses carrying out a revolution in Egypt is like support for the Muslim Brotherhood which is likely to take Mubarak's place," The Jerusalem Post reported.
Kara, who is from from the ruling Likud party, said he was "disappointed by Obama turning his back" on Mubarak.
Well that ministerial silence lasted all of a day. Some Israelis just can't control their colonial arrogance.


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