January 21, 2011

Macy Gray asks facebook fans whether she should boycott Israel

This is in the Jewish Chronicle:
American singer Macy Gray has gone on Facebook to ask her fans whether she should give in to the demands of anti-Israel boycotters.

Ms Gray, who is set to perform two shows in Tel Aviv next month, has been the target of an online campaign to encourage her to cancel the tour.
More than 470 people have responded to a question by the singer, known for the hit “I try” on what she should do.
Ms Gray wrote to her Facebook fans “I'm getting a lot of letters from activists urging / begging me to boycott by NOT performing in protest of Apartheid against the Palestinians.
She added that while she did not agree with the actions of the Israeli government, she wanted to play.
“I gotta lotta fans there I don’t want to cancel on.
“And I don’t know how my NOT going changes anything.”
It's an interesting fact that if you follow the facebook link in the article you will find that the Jewish Chronicle report is accurate. Now there's a good reason to at least consider a boycott of Israel. It seems to focus the minds of its reporters and editor more than other issues around Palestine.

But do follow the link and think of what can be said to Ms Gray to get her behind the boycott of the last of the colonial settler states.


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