January 22, 2011

Racists insult Macy Gray, Macy Gray insults anti-racists

This is rather sad.  I posted Macy Gray's apparently earnest attempt to sound out her fans as to whether she should boycott Israel or not.  She had already agreed to two dates there in February so I assume there was money on the table.  By the time I looked at her facebook page there were well over 7,000 comments, most of which seemed to be imploring her to support the boycott.  Well, according to YNET, Macy Gray made up her mind a few days ago to commit to performing for racist war criminals and to insult those people trying to persuade her to support the boycott.
After posting a Facebook status asking her fans for their opinion on whether she should go ahead with two planned concerts in Tel Aviv, and later confirming she would in fact be performing, Macy Gray is now dealing with the backlash from her decision.

Gray confirmed that she and her band would be coming to Israel as planned on her Twitter account Wednesday night stating: "Dear Israel fans. Me and the band will be there in 20 days. Can't wait. See you then. Peace."
All very strange that she allowed comment to continue into several thousand postings on facebook without using facebook to announce that she is taking the racist shilling but there's more.  Since racists are paying the piper they also get to call the tune or at least the lyric: 
It appeared that Gray was taken aback by the aggressive tone of some of the posts. In response to a poster claiming to be "passionately Palestinian" she wrote: "See I'm willing to listen - really listen - but some of you so called boycotters are just assholes."
Apparently it doesn't take an asshole to write this.

BITCH: Macy Gray Calls Israel “Disgusting,” “Apartheid” State

Poor old Macy couldn't have known what she was getting into when she invited fans to comment on the boycott but her decision to go ahead and play for apartheid and to insult its opponents has been taken knowingly and with a will. I can only assume that she is leaving her decision off of her facebook page because people have to click that they "like" her before they can comment. Now thousands of people who she has described as "assholes" are on record "liking" her, ironically so that they can say that they don't like what she is doing in collaborating with the racist war criminals of the State of Israel.

Still, twenty days to go....


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