February 03, 2011

Macy Gray crawls over Palestine to Israel

What a piece of work this Macy Gray is.   First she pretends to consult fans via facebook as to whether she should boycott Israel over its "disgusting" and "apartheid" style treatment of the Palestinians.  Then she insults the majority who called for a boycott.  And now, from YNET:
Israel's Consul-General in Los Angeles Jacob Dayan met last week with American R&B and soul singer Macy Gray at the Israeli Consulate offices in the city.

The meeting was initiated by Dayan after the singer asked her Facebook fans to help her decide whether to hold her Tel Aviv concert as planned on February 10 because of "the disgusting things the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians".

Gray, who has performed in Israel three times before, said it was the first time she had faced demands to boycott the Jewish state.

During the meeting with the consul-general, she apologized for her remarks and said she loved Israel.
So why did she say the things she did and why did she ask whether or not to boycott the racist war criminals?


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