February 06, 2011

Obama, Mubarak and the Brothers

I'm just trying to piece reports together here.  I said before that I think Obama will try to co-opt the Brotherhood.  Then I heard/saw on Channel 4 news that Obama is backing Mubarak though I couldn't find that report in so many words on the C4 news website.  And now Voice of America is saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is in talks with Mubarak's Vice-President:
Egypt's largest opposition party, the Muslim Brotherhood, says it will begin talks with with Egypt's Vice President Omar Suleiman on the public's right to protest safely and the possible exit of President Hosni Mubarak, who has held office for 30 years.

Suleiman has met with other opposition supporters, but this would be the first time the Muslim Brotherhood has taken part.
Could be something, could be nothing but I think it is something.


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