February 06, 2011

What about Yemen?

Hmm, Yemen. There have been anti-government protests there but Yemen is sufficiently under-reported for Obama to be more open in his support for the dictatorship.

See this "Day of Rage" vid:

Now consider Obama's reaction. From The Independent:
The US embassy in Yemen called on opposition groups today to refrain from "provocative action" and talk to the government following large street protests in the impoverished Arab country.
Tens of thousands of Yemenis took part in peaceful protests for and against the government on Thursday during an opposition-led "Day of Rage", a day after President Ali Abdullah Saleh offered to step down in 2013.
"We strongly urge the opposition parties to avoid provocative actions and respond constructively to President Saleh's initiative to resolve differences through dialogue and negotiation," the US embassy said on its website.
So where are we now? Beginning 2011. Pres offers to stand down in 2013. So only two years (maybe three) to refrain from provocative actions.  That's ok then.


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