September 28, 2012

Bibi Netanyahu: an apology

I really must apologise to Bibi. He is even more stupid than I gave him credit for. His silly cartoon of an Iranian bomb was indeed stupid enough for ridicule without his own "red line" addition. But look at the pic. The bomb is a graph showing where Iran is at with its uranium enrichment, ie, 70%, where it needs to be to have bomb grade stuff, ie, 90% and therefore where the red line needs to be to stop Iran being a nuclear arms capable power. The problem, as the Daily Beast, points out, is that Bibi was left to his own artistic handiwork to draw the dreaded red line. And, look at the pic, he drew it above the weapons grade mark.


So apologies to Bibi. I had him down as a 70 to 90% dick. It turns out he's a complete and utter dick. Will no one in power in the west say that finally he has crossed the line?


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