September 29, 2012

Dodgy definition repatriated to USA

I always thought that the Americans who concocted the bogus EUMC working definition of antisemitism wouldn't dare try to hinder free speech in their own country but it appears I was wrong.  Ben White has an article on Electronic Intifada setting out how zionists in the USA are trying to use the dodgy definition to stamp out Palestine solidarity activism on campus States' side.
Top administrators at the University of California are considering what action to take against speech and activities alleged to be anti-Semitic. As part of their discussions, the university may endorse a seven-year-old document, which — despite not having an official status — is often called the European Union’s “working definition” of anti-Semitism.
Zionists in the UK have had mixed results trying to impose the dodgy definition here. The Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) rejected it out of hand and when Ben White participated in a Question Time style debate at Birmingham University the event descended into farce when a questioner in the audience was forbidden from even asking a question that included the word "apartheid" when applied to the State of Israel.  The discussion took place after BU had adopted the dodgy definition and it didn't help the zionists on that particular occasion.

Anyway, we have a few pieces on the bogus definition here at JSF which, if I say so myself, are worth a look at.  A particularly apposite piece was by Gabriel Ash here.  He sets how the dodgy definition probably won't be formally adopted but will insidiously be allowed or caused to pass into the language.


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