June 09, 2013

When Israeli Hasbara serves the Palestinian cause

The Guardian's Comment is Free saw fit to publish some ludicrous hasbara in the form of an article by Dani Dayan.  Read the article and you might not need telling that Dani Dayan is some kind of ambassador at large specifically to promote the occupation.  Here's The Guardian's description of him:
Dani Dayan is chief foreign envoy of the Yesha Council of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria
Ok, so The Guardian describes him slightly differently from the way I do.  But rather than torture myself and yourselves by going through the article, here's one comment out of the now closed 565 comments that sums it up:
This article serves the Palestinian cause.
There can be very few readers today who are unaware of the facts regarding Israel's conquest, occupation and colonisation of remaining Palestinian territory. For the author to present a wholly fictive account of this process can only remind his public of the truth. The bizarre, parallel universe flavour of his narrative includes the long discredited claim- abandoned by Israeli officials themselves- that Israel was attacked in 1967, and that their military faced overwhelming odds in defeating the Arab armies. Who today even bothers with a myth of this type? Israel struck first in a co-ordinated pre-emptive manner, using superior force, technology and tactics. The war was over in six days.
As for Carter's statement that he could not foresee a dismantling of the settlement in question, nothing in his remarks indicates a sense of rejoicing. The tone is one closer to despair. He understands the colonisation process to be one of the most intractable obstacles to a just solution to the conflict.
In this article we are treated to the spectacle of a man talking into a mirror and imagining his reflection as the world. That's a measure of where Zionists stand today. Their propaganda becomes ever more revealing of the futility of "constructive engagement" with them. Whether they're even able to understand what it's like not to be them, not to live as they do, is an open question.
But as long as Western media outlets are willing to extend a welcome to the sort of grotesque apologetics offered by Major Dayan, the Palestinian cause will benefit.
While FIFA disregards calls to move its football tournament out of Israel, this article is a very timely own goal.

There's a rumour that The Guardian is now succumbing more than ever to Zionist pressure to tow a softer line on criticism of Israel or, put another way, to tow the Zionist line.  The article by Dani Dayan together with his benign self-description avoiding any hint of the occupation, of racist rule or of illegality, suggests that the rumour is true.


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