October 14, 2013

FUCU II Plaintiff on Negotiating with Iran

If you read the last post you'll know that Professor Moty Cristol is suing the UK public sector union, Unison, because they disinvited him from something or other on account of his role as an Israeli government adviser.  Here he is in Ha'aretz:
When a Western negotiator - who believes that negotiation is only a means to an end - meets an Iranian negotiator - who sees bargaining as a way to pass the time, or just to weaken the other side (especially in a political context) - there is a gap that always benefits the Iranian.
Now change the words Western for Palestinian and Iranian for Israeli and we have the history of Oslo.  We also have an Israeli government negotiator with a breathtaking lack of self-awareness.

If you have trouble accessing the Ha'aretz article, see this blog for a key to the paywall.


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