October 22, 2016

Smile and the world smiles with you unless you're Ruth Smeeth

If you listen to this interview on LBC between Nick Ferrari and Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi you will hear Nick Ferrari insist at least twice that he had seen Ruth Smeeth MP flee the Chakarbati report launch in tears.  He said he saw the tears.

If you google Ruth Smeeth tears you will see just about every UK media outlet runs with the same allegation.  But when you look at the clip here she makes out that she takes umbrage at something a black activist said, something about her working hand in hand with some journalists present.  At first it looks and sounds like she found the whole thing amusing and it's possible she couldn't believe her luck at the opportunity to make a scene and stage a walkout.  She said "how absolute dare you?"  She was smiling when she said it.  The journo sitting next to her said something like "antisemitism at the antisemitism report launch".  There was nothing antisemitic said. Simply a statement of fact.  But also, there were no tears, just a smile from Ruth Smeeth, a childlike exclamation from her ("how absolute dare you?") and a false allegation from a journo friend.

It's quite remarkable that journalists have had since 30 June 2016 to expose the lies told about this non-incident and still Nick Ferrari was confident enough to repeat the lie which Naomi refuted.  Now in the case of Nick Ferrari he must have personally lied about something. Did he see the video? If so, he saw no tears. Or was he lying when he said he had seen the video? Either way, the Zionists feel they are on such a roll now they believe they can get away with the most flagrant falsehoods even when incidents are recorded and anyone can see.

PS: if you watch the LBC clip (and I don't know how long it will be up there) it's worth pointing out that the filming was done in secret.  Naomi wasn't told that they were filming, still less that they were going to host the film on their website together with an article that led to the Zionist MP, Wes Streeting denouncing Naomi as a "massive racist".

If you follow the thread you will see that Wes Streeting backpedaled on his false allegation when other tweeters - who he eventually blocked - called him to account.

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