January 14, 2020

Ilford South Labour Party Branch passes resolution condemning Board of Deputies ludicrous #10Pledges demand

This is the resolution passed by a Labour Branch on 13 January 2020 and condemned as antisemitic by a chap called Alex Holmes: https://twitter.com/alexcholmes/status/1216850330161438720?s=19

I urge readers to follow the thread:

Now see the resolution itself:

This branch condemns the Board of Deputies attempts at interference in the Labour party leadership election by demanding that candidates sign 10 pledges one of which suggests outsourcing the Labour party’s disciplinary processes to a third party 

Their demands reflect the views of only one section of the British Jewish community , but they seek to proscribe the views of other Jewish groups who don’t agree with them, labelling them as fringe groups to be ignored and discounted.   

The Board has been consistent in its support for the Conservative party, fulsomely welcoming the election of Boris Johnson, whose writings and actions expose a racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic mindset ,  yet they make no criticism of this or or the fact that the Tory party members aren’t bound by the IHRA definition    

This branch particularly notes that the pledges breach free speech and human rights, and do not include all forms of racism. They do not represent the diversity that exists in our branch or the country as a whole. 

Accordingly we call upon candidates to reject this interference and review any decisions to sign the pledges and urge any candidates that have not thus far signed to reject their demands. '