August 29, 2004

British leftist barred from the White House

The leader of Britain's left-of-government opposition has been barred from the White House. Conservative leader Michael Howard is considered too left wing by George W. Bush's adviser Karl Rove. Tony Blair, of course, is always welcome.

August 28, 2004

On Islamism

He's smart that Lenin guy. Now read on.....

"The point is that Islamism comes in a variety of forms, yielding both left and right viewpoints. This is because the Koran and the Prophetic Tradition is an insufficient basis for creating any kind of society, good or bad. Consequently, Political Islam has always been leavened by traditions which arise from non-Islamic sources. Hence, the need for "itjihad" (reasoned interpretation).

I do not believe in theocracy, and do not support it. But it is palpable rubbish to say that Islamism can "only kill and oppress". It can also resist and revolt (pace the Mujahedin e-Khalq; Hizbollah etc). If Cohen were not drawing on common prejudice, and was cognisant of the diversity within Islamism, he could not make such a statement.

Incidentally, Cohen's Orientalism mimics the attitude of the fundamentalists: there can only be one Islamism, hermetically sealed, homogenous, always producing either paradise or hell..."

Shock! Horror! Probe? or kain ein horer and no probe

According to reports, someone at the Pentagon is working for Israel. No comment required.

August 26, 2004

Unimpeachable source?

Is talk of moves to impeach Blair just talk? The above site has a long post on it and The Guardian. has an article today. Check this link.

August 23, 2004

Divide and Rule

This article, from the Irish Democrat is well worth a read, placing Zionism in the context of colonialism, together with historical comparisons.

Shredded roadmap

Now nobody can pretend that the so-called Roadmap is leading anywhere. But see how The Guardian's. Conal Urquhart uses terms like "disputed territory" to describe occupied territory. and cites Washington's "frustration with Yasser Arafat" to defend American support for the racist war criminals of the State of Israel. Once upon a time The Guardian. ran a headline "Israel simply has no right to exist". It was clearly a guest comment and no indication of where The Guardian. stands on the question of Palestine but the Zionists have hated it ever since, despite the best efforts of Conal Urquhart.

August 22, 2004

So the Washington Post lied

And the ADL is squeaky clean.

Check this link for Muslims for Nader/Camejo to see the full extent of the ADL's and the Washington Post's dishonesty. [In the wake of a comment from quite a hardcore racist I have to point out that the Muslims for Nader site simply quotes Nader in full and shows the Washington Post editorial in full together with Nader's response. They have links in place to check veracity (theirs not the ADL's). What it all shows is that the ADL deliberately set out to bracket Nader with neo-Nazis and only the dishonest or the stupid would fail to see that] . It doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to recognise a smear campaign by the ADL and Washington Post against Nader. Sadly such smears are such a habit to most Zionists, it doesn't even take a conspiracy to send deliberate falsehoods cascading through the media.

August 21, 2004

Who says Nader's a bigot?

Who do you think?
Look at the ADL site. It's much easier to find what the Zionists of the ADL are accusing Nader of than it is to find what he actually said. On their home page they have three headlines as follows:

Mr. Nader's Baiting
(The Washington Post, August 14, 2004)
Ralph Nader Responds To ADL
(The Washington Post, August 12, 2004)
ADL Alerts FBI to Aryan Nations Memo
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 7, 2004)

Now the ADL website is very big and has various topics and news items. You may wonder why these three headlines are grouped together and away from everything else. A suspicious mind might believe that the anti-definition league is trying to suggest that the Green Ralph Nader is somehow in league with the very white Aryan Nations. Is this why Counterpunch ran the headline: Ralph Nader as David Duke?

August 20, 2004

When's an Israel not an Israel?

Or when's a searchlight not a searchlight?
It's a sad comment on how far Searchlight's star has fallen in anti-racist circles that so many people have failed to pick up on their "exposé", back in May 04, of "Israel Shamir" as a Swedish neo-Nazi. And people should use Searchlight with caution. Many people have expressed doubts about Shamir but I've never seen his existence being questioned before. He has his supporters and Gilad Atzmon even has a link to his site. But then Gilad moves a little beyond the pale (ouch!) with every speech and article. My enemy's enemy is not necessarily my friend. As far as I know Searchlight has been wilfully conflating Jews and Zionists for longer than this "Shamir" character and in so doing actually help him on his way.
This is edited 26/8/2004 and I'll probably revisit - Please see comments above but don't. send any money.

Stalin's British victim speaks out

Book review by David Aaronovitch in the New Statesman. No offers from The Spectator yet then. Give it time...and money.

The new Bill Hicks?

David Cross:
"I don't think bin Laden sent those planes over to attack us because he hates freedom. I think he did it because of our support for Israel and our ties to the Saudi royal family, and all the military bases we have over there. You know why I think that? Because that's what he fucking said! What are we, a nation of six-year-olds? " I assume this quote has been doing the rounds for some time but I only just read it on LENIN'S TOMB so thanks for that Nikolai.

August 16, 2004

Betar late than never

Thanks to CAABU - the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding - the hard-right Zionist youth group, Betar, has had its charitable status cancelled by the Charities Commission. According to the Jewish Chronicle. they achieved the charitable status back in 1984 because they were "mistakenly registered". The JC. doesn't say whose "mistake" it was. But for twenty years now the group that, by it's own proud admission, introduced the brown shirt uniforms to European political activism "(which, by the way, were worn before one had heard of the German Nazi movement)", has been passed off as a charity by "mistake". Surely someone should answer for that.

August 15, 2004

Another fraud by the lying Lord

Another Hutton "inquiry", another cover-up for the Government, and again it is left to Richard Ingrams to expose Lord Hutton as a fraud. I wrote to the "inquiry" asking if the leak "inquiry" was genuine or if it was going to be another "Hutton". I was assured that "[t]he investigation is still continuing into the disclosure by "The Sun" newspaper of some of the conclusions of Lord Hutton's report before its publication. In the light of the outcome, Lord Hutton will review what further steps he wishes to take." Last week it was announced that the "inquiry" into the leak had been completed and that "the source of the leak remains unknown". Well no surprises there except that the man who received the leaked document - the Sun's political editor Trevor Kavanagh - was not even interviewed. It appears that Lord Hutton is so flushed with the success of his earlier outrageous dishonesty he doesn't even bother to try to appear. to be honest any more.


Loz of BlahBlahFlowers has pointed out that it's not the lying lord this time but a more faceless bureaucrat. (see comment below)

August 05, 2004

Broadstairs Folk Week

Bit of a departure from the usual fare but unless there's a net café in Broadstairs I won't be posting for a little over a week. If you're near the Kent coast between 6/8 and 14/8/2004 check out some of the musicians, singers and dancers who are well worth a look at.

August 03, 2004

Worth dipping into?

Guacamoleville is a temporary blog chronicling the antics of candidates for the Hartlepool seat vacated by the twice (at least) discredited Peter Mandelson. Unfortunately it doesn't have a Comments facility so I can't be the first to explain why Dead Men Left is so called.

August 02, 2004

Respectfully differ

James M of Dead Men Left has left a comment on my previous post which I feel deserves more prominence. I had, at first, simply reported the winning of a council seat by Respect. Then, because I hate the stupid name (Respect) so much and I thought it was indicative of a lack of consultation, I linked to a letter from a chap - Tony Greenstein - who I have great respect. (ouch) for, bemoaning a lack of "democratic structure". He also described the group as "SWP-dominated". James M (in the Comments below) wrote of Tony Greenstein's letter: "Couldn't find anything substantive in it: a) "SWP dominated"? Where? The temporary (but elected) national committee has some 24 members, of which five or six are SWP members; b) local branches are already assembling democratic structures - discussions over this have already occupied a large chunk of Lambeth & Southwark's meetings, whilst local branches (Hartlepool, Birmingham, Leicester, Tower Hamlets) have so far made decisions about whether to stand candidates or not; c) a national delegate conference is called for October to sort out policy, elect a "proper" national committee, etc. Given the somewhat hastily assembled nature of the beast, I think we're doing pretty well."
My only hope is that they put NAME CHANGE on the agenda.

August 01, 2004


I read about this on Friday but I didn't think to blog it until I read about at Dead Men Left. This is the first seat that Respect has won, though two Socialist councillors have joined since the group was formed. Me, I still have misgivings about the stupid name. After a quick browse of the Guardian. on this I think Tony Greenstein's comment on the lack of democracy in Respect is a case that Respect should answer.