February 06, 2020

Chutzpah! If you want to know about racism why not ask racists, they should know

Read this and weep or laugh out loud. I suppose that's an option.  This is from a newsletter from the Board of Deputies of British Jews, aka the Tory Party at Shul.

Redbridge councillors reach out to Board of Deputies over antisemitism
Board of Deputies Vice President Amanda Bowman met Redbridge councillors, including Council Leader Jas Athwal, to discuss antisemitism.

Elected representatives from Redbridge reached out to the Board of Deputies after allegations of antisemitic conduct in a Labour Party ward meeting emerged.

Amanda said: “It was great to see both Labour and Conservative councillors reach out to the Board of Deputies to learn about antisemitism. That is just the sort of leadership political parties need if they want to rid themselves of racism.”

Jas Athwal said: “It was wonderful to meet with Amanda Bowman and Daniel Elton from the Board of Deputies to get a fuller understanding of the challenges facing the Jewish community and our society as a whole. It was an important reminder that the Jewish community’s fight is our fight and that we must all play our part in driving out antisemitism in all its forms.’

The trouble is that one of the challenges facing the Jewish community, as in people who are Jewish, is that people masquerading as the Jewish community make false antisemitism allegations against Leftists whilst giving Rightists like Johnson, Rees Mogg & Co. a free pass.