March 23, 2004

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's assassination

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's assassination dominates the newspapers today. The broadcasting has been mostly atrocious. Most broadcasts haven't mentioned his being quadriplegic. Zionists have been gifted with easy interviews. On LBC 97.3 only Zionists have been called upon to comment on the assassination. This seriously disabled elderly man who himself was a victim of Zionist ethnic cleansing has been likened to Bin Laden. See Gilad Atzmon's article below. It does seem that the only logic of killing Yassin was to provoke the Palestinians into responses that, together with media manipulation, may ready the world for Israel to impose a "final solution" on the Palestinians. If Gilad Atzmon is correct then the Israeli cabinet meeting that decided on the killing of Yassin may well turn out to be Israel's Wannsee Conference.

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