May 05, 2004

£10, €15 or $15 challenge

Yesterday The Guardian's. Conal Urquhart described a Palestinian attack on a settler family in Gaza as "slaughter". I am offering £10 sterling or the non-sterling equivalent to anyone who can find a report in The Guardian. describing the Israeli killing of Palestinians as "slaughter". It has to be in a "report" and not Op-Ed as they say. The report has to be from between when Ehud Barak made his "generous offer" ie September 2000 and now. It should be easy to win this tenner. The ratio of the dead is 3 Palestinians to every 1 Israeli. The Guardian. has two reports on the "slaughter" of Israelis. So there must surely be a report in a liberal newspaper like The Guardian. describing the killing of Palestinian civilians, women and children as "slaughter". Go on it's easy. Go to The Guardian. website and punch the word "slaughter" into their search bar. Then when you find the article describing an Israeli massacre as "slaughter", email me with your name and address and I'll send you the tenner. Simple or what? I've even sent The Guardian's. Jonathan Freedland an invitation to place a bet. He obviously doesn't need the money.

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