May 14, 2004

Brits and Yanks are as bad as Israelis but not as bad as Arabs: Jewish Chronicle editorial

The JC editorial finds it morally repugnant that people might "equate" resistance by Palestinians and Iraqis to brutality by British, American and Zionist invaders and occupiers. Actually a lot of people say there is no equivalence between resistance and oppression; oppression is worse. There's another quirky thing in the JC's editorial today. It describes Israel, an ethnocracy, as a liberal democratic state. Which other liberal democratic state is as obsessed with maintaining a certain ethnic ratio as Israel?

Elsewhere in the paper, Zionists are starting to use the "L" word when referring to concentration camp Gaza. A commentator in Ma'ariv was reported as saying "what looks like Lebanon, smells like Lebanon". Interestingly, Ma'ariv. has reported the killing of 16 Palestinians in its headline and it's not considered particularly liberal. The Guardian's. headlines here tend to refer only to the Israeli soldiers killed lately.

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