May 06, 2004

Guardian readers' editor goes for the £10 challenge

I wrote to The Guardian's. readers' editor yesterday to complain at what I said was Conal Urquhart's pro-Israel bias and to offer my reward if he could locate any reports. in The Guardian. describing killings by Israel as "slaughter". Well he enthusiastically rose to the challenge; in fact a bit too enthusiastically. He suggests that there are hundreds of articles in his database when you punch the words "slaughter", "Israel" and "Palestine" into the search bar. Well he obviously didn't grasp the rules of the challenge. I didn't say that The Guardian. never uses the word "slaughter" when reporting on Palestine; I said that they only use that word to describe the killing of Israelis. Also even if all 360 articles did describe Israeli killings of Palestinians as "slaughter" entrants have to give the link to a specific report doing this. Must try harder. Still he is saying that such reports exist so keep trying out there.

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