May 04, 2004

Guardian thanked for sympathy with armed fascist activists

An American, Alan Kolnik, has written to The Guardian. to thank them for Conal Urquhart's openly siding with the war criminals. Mr Kolnik's flattery has clearly paid off. In the same issue Urquhart describes the killings of a settler woman and her daughters as "slaughter". I'm offering a reward for anyone who can find a mainstream report in The Guardian. that refers to the Israeli army "slaughtering" Palestinian women and children since September 2000. The condition for the reward is that it must be in a report, not a comment or opinion. It must be by a Guardian. man or woman in Palestine. It must be between September 2000 and today. So the reward is UK£10 to the first person who emails me a link to a Guardian. report where the word "slaughter" is used to describe Palestinians being killed by Israelis. Offer closes midnight 18/5/2004, that's 5/18/2004 if you're in the US.

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