May 01, 2004

Howard Jacobson: Only Jew haters love Arabs

Check out Howard Jacobson in The Independent. today. He has two basic arguments here that are so Judeocentric they should be laughable. The problem, as with so much Zionist apologia and polemics, it's being published in a serious newspaper. Anyway, in a nutshell, people compare the ethnic cleansing, expansionist war criminals of the State of Israel to the Nazis to upset Jews because when you mention the Nazis you "remind Jews of their greatest loss" and you suggest that all Jews deserved the Holocaust. Impeccable logic! The other point is that the only reason people like, sympathise with or have (in Jacobson's words) "romantic feelings" towards non-Jews in the Middle East is because they hate Jews. Really, that's it. This quote is given specific prominence in the print version of the article: "It chills my heart, this entertaining of romantic. (my italics) feelings towards non-Jewish inhabitants of the Middle East". In other words hate Arabs as Jacobson and the Zionist movement do lest you chill the heart of these media savvy polemicists and smear merchants.

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