May 11, 2004

Miracle in the Holy Land

An Israeli soldier goes on trial for killing somebody. A bit of a first this. When you consider all the Palestinians who have been murdered by the Israeli army you have to wonder what was so different about this case. The victim Tom Hurndall was British so perhaps that's it. No it can't because the UN's Iain Hook and Channel 4's James Miller were both British and both were murdered by Israeli soldiers. And what about the American, Rachel Corrie? She was murdered by an Israeli bulldozer driver and nothing happened, but then look at the amazing case of the USS Liberty. Well, a google search finds what a read of The Guardian. article didn't. According to the article in The Daily Telegraph. the accused is a Bedouin in a special Bedouin unit in the Israeli army. Oh, and another thing: the charge isn't murder; it's manslaughter.

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