May 31, 2004

SSP, unlike BBC, free to call Blair a liar

BBC climbdown on SSP broadcast ban leaves STV isolated

I got this from The Hoops e-group late Saturday night. The BBC and Scottish TV both tried to ban a Scottish Socialist Party election broadcast for calling Tony Blair a liar. The BBC has now relented and the Socialists in Scotland (and beyond) are waiting for STV to follow. I have searched STV's website for reports on this sorry business by punching the word "Socialist" into their search bar but nothing doing. I mean nothing. The word "Socialist" does not register in a database search of a major news outlet in Scotland. So try "SSP" and see how you go. Ok don't even go there. Here's the result: "Factual
Scottish Passport offers viewers the chance to sample, from their armchair, all kinds of holidays in..." Go on then, highlight the sentence and go to Edit, Find and key in SSP. The cursor will go to the "ssp" in passport. STV's boycott of the SSP goes beyond election broadcasts.

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