June 25, 2004

Compare but don't contrast

More judeocentric nonsense
Remember back in early 2002, the "New" Statesman. published an edition with a cover showing a gold star of David on top of a union flag for a pro-Zionist story (literally a story) titled "A kosher conspiracy?" Well they were actually accused of anti-semitism for that which just goes to show that appeasement doesn't pay. Well now they have Simon Sebag-Montefiore engaging in the same pro-Zionist judeocentric tosh. But don't take my word. Read the article through and leave a comment. Here's a taste:
"This Heinzian principle of Juda-ism has been overshadowed by the contemporary image of Israel - and by the frenzied anti-Zionist, anti-American circus of bizarre conspiracy theories that present Jews as a single political "cabal" rather than the world's most diverse diaspora, a wealth of religious, cultural and racial communities, separate from Israel or America"

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