June 26, 2004

Just in from America

According to a Greg Bates in Counterpunch today, Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, and no doubt lots of other leftists who we have been told are going to vote for the Bush-lite Kerry, are going to vote for Ralph Nader. The logic of this is that they live in the safe state of Massachusetts. If a state is safely Democrat then a vote for Nader won't translate into a vote for Bush. However, a vote for Nader in an unsafe so-called swing state could be a problem for Kerry. My own view is that if you want Nader you should vote Nader. I'm not convinced that the Kerry who supported the war on Iraq and supports Sharon as strongly as Bush does is going to make much difference. I don't always agree with Chomsky but go and read his work first hand. He's very incisive and I think he's a man of the highest integrity. He also replies to my emails!

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