September 12, 2004

Weird Jews indeed!

I've just had the strangest experience. Yesterday I stumbled on an e-community calling itself "Weird Jews". There was some kind of debate going on about Zionism and so I registered and posted a post in reply to a thread that was going on. My post seemed pretty inkeeping with what was going on and the originator has now thanked me which was nice. What she didn't know was that today when I saw that no-one had replied I assumed the thread had closed and posted my post independently. Well as soon as it hit the screen hostile responses started coming in. I'll post all the stuff elsewhere. Also there was some reasoned (if you can call it that) discussion. The responses came by email notification with an option to screen, unscreen or reply. I wasn't sure what it meant but I clicked screen and replied. Well now they have removed my post together with all the comments, denounced me for being a nutcase, an anti-Zionist (guilty) and for screening the responses (what's wrong with that?). I thought I was being ethical and I thought that weird Jews (whilst it's a seriously naff name) meant that they were against the mainstream. Anyway if anyone wants to explain where I went wrong please do. Or check them out for yourselves they certainly need some ideological broadening out. But don't screen comments and don't criticise Israel.

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