September 21, 2004

Who said "No society was ever built on terror"?

a) Mahatma Gandhi (who shunned all violence)

b) Nelson Mandela (who refused to renounce armed struggle against apartheid)

c) The Chief Rabbi: Jonathan Sacks (lying Likud, or is it Labour, supporter)

You guessed didn't you. It was the old liar himself, the Chief Rabbi, on Thought for the day, slap bang in the middle of the Today. programme that he lied to about an interview with Jonathan Freedland. But I shouldn't sneer at him just because he's a lying supporter of ethnic cleansing and apartheid laws. Consider his words this morning. "No society was ever built on terror". This is a guy who purports to know Israel inside out. Does he really not know that Israel exists thanks to a terror campaign against the native population? And why is a proven liar so welcome on the programme he was caught lying to? Tomorrow's Thought for the day. is going to be presented by Jonathan Aitken, or is it Jeffrey Archer, or even Tony Blair? Sorry, that last one was just plain silly.

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