December 24, 2004

JC: Anti-semitism "up in the UK"

A report in the Jewish Chronicle. tells us that 34% of people questioned in the UK say that anti-semitism is up. More than twice that ("close to 74%") say that Muslims are "viewed with suspicion". As "one British expert", Dr Paul Iganski, urging caution, asked "Were the respondents reporting their own attitudes?Were they providing their perceptions about the attitudes of their friends or their neighbours or what they read. We simply have no way of knowing". So why was the survey conducted and what do we conclude?

Germany keeping Jews out

Jews from eastern Europe seeking to live in Germany will now have to pass certain tests of usefulness and assimilibility to German society in future. The last time I heard of Jews not being allowed to live in Germany they were Russian Jews who had gone, first to Israel and then to Germany. At Israel's request they were handcuffed and put on a plane for the armed ghetto. The JC. doesn't mention that shameful episode.

Galloway judge to preside over Board of Deputies/Interpal libel case

Judge Eady has allowed the Board of Deputies of British "Jews" to run with "qualified privilege" as a defence against Interpal's libel action on account of the Board accusing Interpal of raising money for terrorist activity. The trial will be by jury. Judge Eady was the judge in the Galloway v Telegraph case. Let's hope he didn't find for Galloway so that he could do a Hutton on a Muslim charity in favour of a Zionist organisation masquerading as a generalist representative Jewish group.

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