December 11, 2004

One war criminal: bad, two war criminals: good

Perhaps it's just as well that this leader in The Independent. is pay-per-view. If too many people read it they might think that The Indie. is an uncritical supporter of Israel like the rest of our supine media. It is suggesting that Ariel Sharon can make a peace deal with the Palestinians by co-opting fellow war criminal (and personal friend) Shimon Peres into the government. Elsewhere in the paper today there is a report on the Israeli army killing a 7 year old girl by shelling her house in retaliation for a mortar attack on a Jewish settlement in which no-one was killed. The Israelis haven't yet "confirmed the kill" so we don't know Shimon Peres's reaction yet. Not much the butcher of Qana can say about it really though.

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