December 07, 2004

Perdition II - this time it's personal

"ALAN RICKMAN is about to become the latest Hollywood star to light the blue touchpaper on the powderkeg that is Arab-Israeli politics." Or should that say "the latest ex. -Hollywood star" since "he is thought to be sympathetic towards the Palestinian cause". Anyway, Alan Rickman is directing a play titled My Name is Rachel Corrie. which is due to open at the Royal Court in 2005.....but will it open at the Royal Court next year? The last time that I know of the Royal Court planning on showing a play that would embarrass the Zionists it was pulled after pressure from various Zionists including academics and actors. The play was Jim Allen's Perdition. It eventually found a home at the Conway Hall after becoming far more famous for being pulled than it would have been if it had just been shown at the Royal Court in the first place. Zionist collaboration with the Nazis, which was the subject of the play, also received a long overdue airing.

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