January 15, 2005

Meretz USA = Likud Israel

Many thanks to JS for sending me final proof that there is no such thing as the Zionist left. This link is to Meretz USA's website. See the latest edition of their periodical and how they support Ariel Sharon's "punishment...for the Palestinians", their pretence at believing AIPAC's Dennis Ross and their feigned ignorance of Alan Dershowitz's plagiarism and other dishonesty.

JS sent me a wonderful quote to sum up why the Zionists engage in this barrage of dishonest propaganda:

It's called the grey fallacy. One person says white, another says black, and outside observers assume gray is the truth. The assumption of grey is sloppy, lazy thinking. The fact that one person takes a position that is diametrically opposed to the truth does not then skew reality so the truth is no longer the truth. The truth is still the truth.

The truth is still the truth.

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