January 03, 2005

Palestine banking scandal

The Royal Bank of Scotland has joined the Alliance and Leicester in victimising supporters of the Palestinian cause and, by extension, the Palestinian people.

Two British organisations set up to help the Palestinian people have had their bank accounts abruptly closed without explanation, the Guardian has learned. Neither is proscribed by the government, and both claim that their targeting is political.

The groups, Friends of Al-Aqsa (FoAA) [Royal Bank of Scotland] and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign [Alliance and Leicester], have been asked to find alternative banking arrangements, even though neither appears on watch lists held by the Home Office or the Bank of England. The head of FoAA has also had his personal and business accounts closed.....

This sabotage by the banks is proving extremely costly to the two groups:

The PSC has written to its members asking them to transfer their standing orders, but so far only half have done so.

FoAA estimates that it will cost more than £10,000 in lost subscriptions and reprinting costs.

For complaints to the Alliance and Leicester go here.

For complaints to the Royal Bank of Scotland go here.

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