January 08, 2005

Refusenik movement

My refusenik banner just moved. It moved from 1,391 to 1,392. I clicked the banner to find out more and couldn't find who the latest refuser was. So I clicked on another button and found the article linked above. It discusses a speech by the Jewish philosopher, Yesha’ayahu Leibowitz. He is credited with coining the term "Judeo-Nazi" to describe the ideology gripping Israel in the wake of the 1967 war. In this speech, he again raises the comparison of Israel with the Nazis, this time referring to the physical. courage of some German soldiers in WWII, in spite of the morally repugnant cause they were serving. The courage being lauded in this article, by Daphna Baram, is that of those who have the courage to refuse to serve morally repugnant causes.

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