January 06, 2005

The shame of it!

I must confess to feeling a sense of shame that I had no idea until just now that, Riziq Ziad Musleh, a campaign worker for Mustapha Barghouti was murdered a week ago by the Israeli army. (thanks Jazzman) He was engaged in the deadly business of putting up posters for the Barghouti campaign. In fairness the mainstream media has been taken up with news of the tsunami, but they took time out to express their horror at Mahmoud Abbas's denunciation of the "Zionist enemy" when Israel murdered seven other youngsters. I have now googled the name, Riziq Ziad Musleh, and a mere 17 sites came up. All were Palestinian or campaign sites. That means that officially, the day Riziq Ziad Musleh was killed, was a day of calm in occupied Palestine.

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