January 23, 2005

They've got balls those Arab guys

Well at the time of writing they have. But, if a certain Russian-Israeli journalist has his way, they won't have them for long. According to Ha'aretz, Marian Belenki, the threat of castration should force Arabs (the article says Israeli Arabs) to leave the country. In the Russian Israeli newspaper Novosti, he also advocated other ways to decrease the Arab birthrate. The editor of Novosti has apologised for the "grave mistake":

However, what is even more surprising than the fact that the piece got published, is that the paper did not receive any responses from readers or public representatives of the Russian community. It should be noted that the paper is one of two leading dailies of the Russian community in Israel.

This reminds me of when Sharansky first arrived in Israel from the Soviet Union, non-SWP member, poet and story teller, Michael Rosen, said that the Palestinians said "Hey Sharansky, what about our freedom?" to which Sharansky replied "sorry I took it all".

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