February 25, 2005

Livingstone and the Zionist movement: Polls apart

The link in the headline above is to Totally Jewish, the website of Jewish News. In the article, they say:
A TJ poll found that of 500 people polled, 75 percent thought Livingstone should be removed from office if he failed to apologise.
However, according to the Jewish Chronicle, in an article headed "Backing for Ken" all of the media polls they quote had Ken well in the lead over his Zionist detractors:
A BBC London poll of more than 10,000 people attracted 66% backing for the mayor....Guardian...on-line...4,768 responses with 77% in favour of Mr Livingstone.
Two-thirds of more than 200 Times readers who emailed Times Online sided with the mayor, saying he had no need to apologise.
...Sky News....57% ...considered an apology unnecessary.
City Hall has received almost 2,000 letters about the issue, reporting that 76% of the writers took the side of Mr Livingstone.[the Standard disputes this]
A spokeman said that "all tests of public opinion in London are now showing support for the mayor's stand in refusing to apologise to the Evening Standard."
Now that last bit, "refusing to apologise to the Evening Standard", that contrasts with what Totally Jewish. reports the Evening Standard reporter, Oliver Finegold, as seeking. According to a "close friend" of Oliver Finegold quoted in TJ:
Oliver thinks that Livingstone owes everyone an apology – the Jewish community, Holocaust survivors, and Londoners."
Well it looks like most Londoners weren't looking for an apology, and Ken did express regret at any offence caused to Jews in general and holocaust survivors in particular. So that leaves Finegold. I think he'll come to be known as a former reporter before long. So well done Ken!

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