February 18, 2005

Where's the Board of Deputies when (or if) it's needed?

I'm sure many readers of this blog have marvelled at the principled stand taken by the Evening Standard. against Ken Livingstone's "anti-semitic" tirade against, er, Oliver, er, what's-his-name. How on earth did they let this slip through the net? Here's Princess Michael of Kent on why the media worked itself into a lather over Prince Harry's choice of fancy dress:

"I feel sorry for Harry. If he had worn a hammer and sickle, nobody would have got excited. Even though the hammer and sickle stands for Stalin and gulag and pogrom and devastation.

"The press has a different sensibility because of its ownership structure."

Now what on earth could she have meant here? [hat-tip: Bat] So there we have it. Ken Livingstone says, effectively, "give a man a uniform and he thinks he's Hitler" and a leading Royal says, again effectively, Jews control the media. What is the Board of Deputies for exactly?

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