February 17, 2005

Who is this man?

The Scotsman has a direct quote from Paul Yogi Mayer from the Radio Four interview:

Paul Yogi Mayer, 92, who was a champion high jumper and watched much of the 1936 Games, fled to Britain just before the war. His family were killed in the Holocaust.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The story I always remember is that under pressure from the Americans and others, Hitler had to remove posters saying "Jews Not Wanted" and Goebbels issued a decree that people should not make any anti-Semitic remarks in pubs and otherwise to foreign people.

“If the German propaganda minister Josef Goebbels could apologise by saying ‘we don’t want you to make those remarks’, who is this man that he can make those remarks. Why can’t he apologise?

“To make remarks about a minority is against the spirit of the Olympic Games, and that is what has happened. We may lose the Games, and if we lose them, there is guilt."

So the BBC wheeled out an elderly chap to accuse Ken Livingstone of anti-semitism and, at the same time, expound a world wide Jewish conspiracy theory. Great! It's so sad when the elderly are taken advantage of in this way. Here's a guy who narrowly missed the holocaust suggesting that Livingstone is worse than Goebbels and that Jews will decide where the Olympics will be held.

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