March 12, 2005

BBC says sorry to Israel...again...and again

The BBC has issued its third apology to Israel in (I think) as many weeks. The Guardian has reported this latest one.
The BBC has bowed to an Israeli demand for a written apology from its deputy bureau chief in Jerusalem, Simon Wilson, who was barred from the country for failing to submit for censorship an interview with the nuclear whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu.
Going from memory, the first apology was over someone expressing a personal view about Arafat's departure from Ramallah when he was dying. Apparently it's appropriate for the BBC to apologise when a personal view is expressed on a programme subtitled "personal reflections by BBC correspondents around the world." The second was when the BBC news showed a family in mourning for their suicide bomber son before they showed the grieving relatives or dead victims. The zionist complainants were not impressed by the fact that the Beeb implied that the bombing broke a truce when it was actually Israel that had been breaking the truce, such as it was/is.

Some time ago, at the behest of the zionist movement, the BBC appointed a chap called Malcolm Balen to report on its Middle East coverage. The report is a secret but since it was completed, and of course, post-Hutton, the BBC's longstanding pro-Israel bias is now degenerating into abject sycophancy. When's it going to stop?

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