April 16, 2005

Liddle's war on Muslims II

From the Spectator. Rod Liddle suggests that postal vote fraud is most likely in Labour consituencies with Muslim councillors and lots of Muslim voters. Well he's right about the potential for fraud in a currently Labour constituency with lots of Muslim voters. Oona King is a Labour MP for Bethnal Green and she has invited people to send her. their postal votes so that she. can forward them tot he Town Hall for the count. She has lots of Muslim voters in her constituency. The problem for the Liddle "argument" (for which read "racist slur") is that not many Muslims are expected to vote for Oona King. There's another problem for Liddle in that, whilst the politics of the last electoral atrocity points a finger at some Muslims, the last one before that, that I know of, involved the use of multiple identities "based" at a yeshiva in Hackney. I don't draw any essentialist points from that though. Only the lowest form of racist scumbag would do such a thing.

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