April 01, 2005

Selling Jerusalem

Here are two articles on how zionists are taking over East Jerusalem by stealth, if you can call it stealth. The first, from This Week in Palestine, sets out how the Greek Orthodox Church has been selling "its" land to zionist settler groups.
For one hundred and twenty four years (1872 – 1996), my family ran a souvenir and an antique business inside Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate, exactly between the two building blocks that were sold, as the media reported, by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate to some right-wing Jewish organization. Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Square is home to me and to the tens of other businesses that now risk evacuation all because of the greed of someone who sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver. Initially, the thought of Jaffa Gate, Bab El-Khalil, losing its identity broke my heart and sent chills down my spine, but as time passed, my determination to do something about the matter grew stronger.
The second, from Ha'aretz, I found far more harrowing in that it involved the eviction of a mother and her three children from their home, by zionist settlers with armed police in tow acting in complicity with the woman's husband and the children's father.
That night, Ateret Kohanim people [the settler group], escorted by hundreds of police and Border Police, entered Silwan, seized the apartment that had been purchased from the Asala family at the bottom of the street and then entered the six-story building and told Maraga's wife to get out immediately with her three children.
There's a lot more to this than that snippet. Read the whole article and you will see that this conniving to implant fascist activists in the heart of Arab communities goes all the way to the Prime Minister.

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