May 07, 2005

If you weren't up for King...

Click the link in the headline for links to the BBC's film clips of Oona King being ousted, Galloway being "interviewed" by Jeremy Paxman and of a jubilant Galloway being carried along Brick Lane by his supporters.

I have to say that Paxman was a disgrace. He started by asking the stupidest question he could think of which was if Galloway was proud of having unseated one of the very few black women MPs. Galloway warned Paxman that he would terminate the interview if Paxman kept asking the same stupid question. Paxman lifted a quote from Galloway out of context to the effect that Iraqi women with blacker skins than Oona King had been killed thanks, in part, to her vote for war. Paxman omitted to say that this was in response to Galloway's detractors suggesting that he shouldn't be challenging a black woman MP. Finally, Galloway indicated that he had had enough of the interview and Paxman said something about Galloway refusing to talk to people who disagree with him. I didn't know it was Jeremy Paxman's job to lift quotes out of context to undermine his interviewees and to disagree with them. I think we should be told what it is about Respect and George Galloway that Jeremy Paxman doesn't agree with and whether he should be allowed to give vent to his own political partiality under the cover of the supposedly impartial BBC.

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