July 16, 2005

God tries (and fails) to salvage Dershowitz's reputation

I have just seen this article on Norman Finkelstein's website. It first appeared in a a publication from American Family Radio, God's own channel. God here, is using the pen of one Jim Brown to smear Norman Finkelstein on behalf of Alan Dershowitz, who is already drowning in a sea of lies .
- A noted author and Harvard University law professor is asking why the University of California Press is publishing an anti-Semitic book written by a "Holocaust denier."
Finkelstein is not a holocaust denier. If he was, his excellent book The Holocaust Industry would be completely meaningless since, in it, he rails against the ragbag of zionists and hucksters who have exploited the holocaust for political leverage and financial gain. Here is a letter by Finkelstein to the Tehran Times, criticising them for suggesting that his Holocaust Industry casts doubt on the holocaust itself
In the 26 January 2005 issue of your paper, in an article titled "Lies of the holocaust industry," you state: "Norman J. Finkelstein, a Jewish professor at New York University critical of Zionist policies, has called the claim [of the Nazi holocaust] the 'holocaust industry', which is only meant to boost support for the government of Israel."

Inasmuch as most of my family perished in gas chambers at Treblinka, it would not make sense for me to deny the existence of gas chambers. I do NOT deny that the Nazis exterminated 5-6 million Jews during World War II. Rather, I argue that that Israel and American Jews have exploited the colossal suffering of Jews during World War II to justify criminal policies against Palestinians and other Arabs.

I do not think it is wise, let alone moral, to deny the facts of other peoples' suffering. It is also not wise, let alone moral, to exploit suffering for evil purposes. I do not deny the suffering of Jews, including my own family, by the Nazis; but I don't want this suffering to be used to justify the criminal persecution of Palestinians.

Out of respect for the memory of my family and for the journalistic standards of your paper, I kindly ask you to print this letter in the next issue of the Tehran Times.

Norman G. Finkelstein
I published this back in February this year. Anyway, more from God.
Finkelstein has garnered attention for claiming Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz did not write his book, The Case for Israel, even though Dershowitz wrote every word of it by hand because he does not type or use a computer. Dershowitz says UC Press should not be using tax dollars to publish a book by a man who compares Israel to Nazi Germany even though he has never been to Israel.[I'm fairly certain that Finkelstein has been to Israel]
The crux of the complaint Finkelstein makes against Dershowitz is, not that he didn't actually write the book, but that he plagiarised large parts of it. Where the didn't write it bit comes in is when Dershowitz challenged Finkelstein, on Democracy Now! that he would give him (I think it was) $20,000 if he could find an inaccuracy in the book "The Case for Israel." Finkelstein found one immediately that Dershowitz didn't even recognise, leading Finkelstein to the not unreasable conclusion that Dershowitz didn't write or even read the book that appears in his name. God save us from God.

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