July 05, 2005

Lea Tsemel resigns from Deir Yassin Remembered board of advisers

There have been some high profile resignations from Deir Yassin Remembered lately. The most recent that I heard of was the Israeli human rights lawyer, Lea Tsemel together with Michael Warschawski of the Alternative Information Centre, Jerusalem.
To the Directors of DYR
We have been supporters of DYR from its very first days, and identified fully with its goals and objectives. During a recent tour in the US, we discovered that Israel Shamir has been included in the advisory board of DYR.

There is no room for a racist in an institution aimed to fight for the memory of the Deir Yassin victims of Ethnic cleansing and massacre. We therefore ask you to clarify whether or not Israel Shamir is indeed part of DYR. If it is the case and you have no intention to exclude him in order to keep the moral integrity of DYR, we will have to disconect ourselves from it.

Please forward this letter to all the members of the Advisory board.

Lea Tsemel, Michael Warschawski
I gather also that Norman Finkelstein, Marc Ellis and Jeff Halper have also resigned. Dear oh dear, these under-cover zionists, they're everywhere.

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