July 02, 2005

Make the rich history

If you're sick of hypocritical outpourings over Live 8, suspicious of a government sponsored protest march and deeply irritated that just about every radio station is carrying that stupid megastar rock concert then Robb Johnson has the antedote. "Make the wealthy history" is a song written recently by this fine serial song-writer (he's a singer song-writer who's written lots of songs in a short space of time). He's like a one man acoustic The Clash when you see him live. I saw him Friday before last at Chat's Palace in Hackney, east London. He did the song that gave me the above headline. I really wished I'd thought of that title. So obvious and in your face. Anyway, thank you Live 8 for giving me the excuse to use it, or something very similar, even if I didn't think of it.

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