September 03, 2005

Calling Ken Loach or someone very similar

you know, like someone all cuddly and sweet and leftish who makes films. That's what Sharga Elam is after; look
Dear all,

Does any of you have connection with Ken Loach or at least have his email-address?

I want to suggest to him to make a film about Jaac van Harten, an important Jewish Nazi agent that found refuge in Tel-Aviv and enjoyed the protection of the Mossad and the Israeli government.

Van Harten, who had helped to rob Hungarian Jews, worked later for the SS laundering machine of faked British pounds in the framework of the Nazi Operation Bernhard.

After WWII van Harten gave some of this faked money to the Zionist underground in North Italy and became the main financial source for the illegal immigration (Mossad Le'Aliyah Beth and "HaBricha") and for buying weapons. A very sophisticated laundering machinery was established in Geneva under the Mossad cashier Pino Ginsburg.

In Tel-Aviv van Harten was introduced to the High-Society by one of the Haganah leaders and was able to sell jewellery partly obviously robbed from Hungarian Jews. He died in 1973 as a very wealthy and honoured person in the posh Tel Aviv suburb Savyon.

This affair which contains many elements of a thriller is a good vehicle to transport to a broader public the very complicated story of the relationships between the Jewish Agency leadership and Nazis during and after the Nazi era. A story of hypocrisy, deception and betrayal of the European Jewry by the Zionist leadership which ever since has not stop to try to profit from the suffering inflicted during the Judeocide.

I'm now trying now to find a main stream publisher for an updated and modified English version of my German book on the van Harten affair and thought that a movie and not just a dry documentary (I have also interesting filmed interviews with Israeli former agents) might be an important "supplement".

I'm very thankful for every tip.

Best regards

Shraga Elam was born in 1947 in Haifa (today Israel) and took part in three wars as an Israeli soldier. He studied philosophy and political ethnology and lives, since 1979, in Zurich, Switzerland. In the mid-80's he started his research about the Nazi Judeocide and on the role of the Jewish Agency at that time. He exposed, as of the mid-90's, several explosive affairs concerning Switzerland and Jewish organizations during the Nazi era. In 2004 he won the prestigious Australian Gold Walkley Award for his revelation about Swiss accounts of three prominent Australian figures held by Bank Leumi Switzerland.

He should try Spielberg for the film because he's very interested in the holocaust etc. And Weidenfeld for the publisher. What do others think?

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