September 25, 2005

Jews cannnot be terrorists part II

In August just gone, the Israeli authorities ruled that civilian victims of armed political violence by a Jewish perpetrator could not be compensated under the state's rules for compensating victims of terrorism because terrorism was only committed by the enemies of Israel. Now a US court (or prosecution service) has come up with a similar notion. A leader of the Judeo-Nazi group, the Jewish Defence League has been convicted of a bomb plot against a Los Angeles mosque and an Arab-American senator but he was not convicted of a terrorist offence but a hate crime. Earl Krugel received two consecutive ten year sentences, one for each offence. According to the Herald Sun
Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Los Angeles-based Muslim Public Affairs Council, urged the judge to punish former dental assistant Krugel with the maximum sentence for his crimes.

"Mr Krugel should be treated like any terrorist, even though there is no mention of this term in the charges against him," he told the judge.

"To this day, we are living under the shadow of terror as a result of Mr Krugel's actions," Mr Al-Marayati said.
Curious that there are no news reports when you search the name "Earl Krugel". There is, however, a website run in his name. Whilst searching I noticed that the old JDL site - - has been suspended so maybe that was their last gasp.

Thanks to Montag.

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