September 23, 2005

More on Straw's apology to Israel

Totally Jewish reports on Jack Straw's apology to Israel but includes in its report the fact that Straw said that he could not rule out the arrest of Ariel Sharon if he was to visit the UK. I didn't know that Tony Blair had actually invited Sharon to the UK but
In response to the incident, Sharon snubbed an invitation by Tony Blair to visit Britain, reportedly telling the Prime Minister, "I would really like to visit Britain. The trouble is that I, like General Almog, also served in the IDF for many years."
Now, according to the JC, the foreign office has pledged a review of its procedures. In an earlier poost I suggested that people write to Jack Straw. In sufficient numbers that might demonstrate the strength of feeling over this but letters by ordinary folk to ministers are often left unread, or, at least, unanswered. However a chap I know tells me that:
Convention says that letters to MPs with requests for responses from Ministers have to be replied to by the Minister! Most email addresses can be obtained by:

Name: Damien Green

Email address:
So give it a whirl.

Update - 26/9/2005 - Or try this. Thanks to Dahud.


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