September 21, 2005

Nazi hunter lost in translation

Here's another example of the Hebrew version of Ha'aretz containing more than the English translation:

The Jerusalem office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center is headed by Dr. Efraim Zuroff. In his "hunting trips" against the few Nazi war criminals who are still alive, he can be seen as Wiesenthal's true successor.

The center itself, however, has long since become an international brand, and [its founder Rabbi Marvin] Hier has become a celebrity who likes rubbing shoulders with royalty and international leaders. As a result, Hier has also become a serious fund-raiser leading to five more branches of the center, and a forthcoming Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem. [Yuk]
The Hebrew, however, continues:
to the displeasure of Yad Vashem Museum.

Only years after the establishment of the center in Los Angeles Wiesenthal understood that Rabbi Hier and his assistants had turned his name into a money producing plant. Hier gave in [to an obvious pressure from S. Wiesenthal who demanded his part of the spoils – se] and since then till his death the glorified Nazi hunter got a pension from the institute bearing his name.
Regulars here and Hebrew readers will know that this is not a first for Ha'aretz.

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