September 14, 2005

One on Almog I should have prepared earlier

For all I have read about the case against war criminal, General Doron Almog, I have only just looked at the site of Hickman Rose, the firm that brought the case against him. There's something bothering about this:
This unprecedented arrest warrant against a senior Israeli soldier was issued after years of failed efforts to obtain justice through the Israeli judicial system. Because of the failure of the Israeli judiciary to combat impunity, PCHR, acting for victims in Gaza, built a file of evidence with the help of Hickman & Rose Solicitors to pursue a case against him (and others) in the UK in accordance with the legal principle of universal jurisdiction over war crimes.
Drawing on the work of Norman Finkelstein, I posted earlier about how Israel strives to justify its unjusitfiable conduct via its Supreme Court. Is it possible that Israel might bring charges against these people so that they can be let off lightly by the Israeli courts and then the, say, British can say they went through due process? I don't know, but another genie is out of the bottle so we can be pleased about that.

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