September 17, 2005

Teach Israel's children about Israel's ethnic cleansing

Here's an article from yesterday's Ha'aretz by Gideon Levy, suggesting that the kind of ethnic cleansing, without which Israel would not exist, should be taught in schools by way of a field trip to Tel Rumeida. Such a trip might act as an antedote to the "compassion" felt by so many Israelis for the withdrawl of the Gaza settlers.
About 500 Palestinian families once lived here; now barely 50 are left. What is going on here, far from the public eye, isn't just a cruel 'transfer,' but a reign of terror imposed by the settlers on the handful of residents who haven't left yet. This is where they built a settler stronghold that grew to frightening proportions, a multi-story building constructed with state sponsorship, surrounded now by a virtual ghost town, save for the small group of residents still clinging to their homes despite all the horror visited upon them by these violent lords of the land, these unwanted neighbors.
Still someone has to pay for making the desert green again.

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